Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nectarine and Arugula Summer Salad

This nectarine and arugula salad is delicious, and so easy to make!  As summer heats up, this salad is a simple dish to either add to the meal, or with additions of protein (shrimp, chicken, salmon, etc.) it could become the main dish! 

You can use whatever fresh ingredients you have on hand, and since I had fresh blueberries that I had planned on adding to Sunday morning pancakes, but didn't...they went into the salad too.

Nectarine and Arugula Salad
Arugula, washed and dried (you can use romaine, or any other greens)
Cucumbers, diced
Red bell peppers, sliced
Mushrooms, sliced
Nectarines, sliced

Dressing-anything light.  I used a peach balsamic vinegar.  Regular balsamic vinegar and olive oil works too.  The sweetness of the nectarines and red bell peppers cut the spiciness of the arugula.  Yum!