Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reuse and Recycle Coffee K-Cup Pods-Grow Herbs Easily!

Since buying our Keurig coffee maker a few years ago, we have gone through so many coffee k-cup pods.  When my daughter was given an assignment in school to find something to recycle-we came up with a way to reuse these coffee pods.  We decided to grow herbs in coffee pods!  We rinse them out and use them to plant herbs-Basil, Cilantro, Dill, etc. The hole in the bottom which the coffee dripped from, is great drainage. The left over coffee combined with rich soil, makes for a healthy planting bed.  What a wonderful way to repurpose coffee pods!

We also recycled soda and juice boxes to hold the cups and it was easy in watering (my daughter spills all over the place when she waters) and it dries out in the sun quickly.

We reused plastic spoons to create planter markers too.
It was a fun and educational activity for the whole family!

Ribbon Rack Holder-Get Organized!

I love to buy ribbon-and have tried every way to organize them...and have failed.  I've tried storage bins that you slide under the bed.  But out of sight, means I'll never use them. I've tried storage bins with lids-but stacking them on top of each other just means I'll never open them up and dig around to find my different options.  I've tried the ones with drawers-but I ended up with ribbon rolls on top of ribbon rolls and never got to see and use the ones on the bottom.

Alas...I found a ribbon rack holder to organize my ribbon rolls in a easy-to-use and functional way.  I bought a cheap shoe rack holder from Bed, Bath and Beyond and slid the ribbon rolls through the dowel, or in the case of my large ribbon rolls from Costco, I put it on top.  Now, I'm able to see my different ribbons, and are able to get to them easily.  How much ribbon will fit?  It depends on the size of the rolls.  If you have smaller ribbon like you see in my picture on the top, you can slide them through each of the dowels and a lot will fit.  If you have more of the large ribbon rolls, then less will fit.

I store my ribbon rack holder in a closet, but it can go just about anywhere.  My ribbon organizer has worked so well, I'm going to buy another shoe rack for the rest of my ribbon.