Friday, September 28, 2012

Supermarket gross outs...and keeping your reusable shopping bags clean

This was a bit gross...but with the upcoming new Hawaii law banning plastic bags...this is something to keep in mind.  In this episode, Dr. Oz had a woman bring her reusable bags in for a bacteria test.  He said a "good" number would be under 80.  Her bag tested at 1,252!  Ick!  See below for his suggestions to keep your family safe
The grocery store is the WORST place for germs.  I often wipe the outside of my milk with soap and water, and keep meats in a bag while storing in the fridge. And...I can't say enough about washing vegetables, and having separate cutting boards for meats, vegetables, breads, etc.  Also, don't forget to wash your cutting boards often in the dishwasher on hot.  Lastly, I always use wipes to "wash" my hands after leaving the supermarket or Costco.  Do it once, look at the wipe, and you will gross out!

Supermarket Secret 9: Keep Your Environmentally Friendly Bags Clean
Using reusable shopping bags is a great way to help save our planet, but you need to keep them clean to avoid risking your family’s well-being. Bags used over and over again risk contamination from disease-causing bacteria, thanks to the various dairy, meat, and produce they’re exposed to over the weeks. Keep your groceries safe and free from contamination by cleaning your bags after every 10 trips to the market. For a cloth bag, just throw it in the laundry like your clothes. Wipe plastic bags down using a bleach spray.

Reusable bags prevent millions of paper and plastic bags from piling up in landfills and our oceans. They can even get you discounts or extra reward points at certain supermarkets, so keep them clean and use them every time you visit your supermarket! 

Click on this link to see the article from Dr. Oz:

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