Friday, September 28, 2012

Supermarket Secret: Avoid shopping on Mondays

Saw this on Dr. Oz, and thought to pass along to you all...I often shop on the weekends too, and though it is often the most convenient time to grocery shop, knowing food deliveries don't usually happen on the weekends....makes me go....hmmm.

Supermarket Secret 6: Avoid Mondays
For many people, Mondays bring the stress of a new work or school week. It’s also the worst day to visit the supermarket. Usually, supermarket suppliers make deliveries once or twice during the week, dropping off fresh produce, meat, and fish during those trips. These deliveries don’t usually happen on the weekends, meaning the stuff you’re buying on Mondays has likely been sitting around for several days. The best day to shop is Wednesday, when shelves are fully stocked with fresh products.

Check out Dr. Oz website for this tip and more information:

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