Saturday, November 3, 2012

Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner Review

Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner

Could drug store make up really be as good as those sold in department stores?  I normally use MAC or Merle Norman eyeliner, but I came across Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner (it's waterproof too!) and I decided to give it a try.  I have to be honest...I absolutely love it!  It twists up, so it is always ready to use...and it comes in many colors.  I've been using it for over a month now, and it glides on easily and stays on all day long!  It's not super soft like MAC, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing-it won't run down as quick as a soft pencil.  The best part?  You can get it for $4.99-$7.00 (look for a sale at CVS, or get at WalMart or Target)!  These are Hawaii prices, so for those of you living elsewhere, you will be able to purchase it much cheaper.  At these prices, you can afford to buy two on sale, so you will never have that horrible moment of twisting up your eyeliner, and discovering you won't have enough to finish your other eye!  

Update 3/1/13: I've been using Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner for several months now and it is still my favorite eyeliner!  It stays put all day long, even in the hot and humid Hawaii weather! And...I love that I can swim, sweat, and be out all day long, and my eyeliner doesn't smear.  The best part? I can buy three of Revlon's Color Stay Eyeliner for the price of the one MAC eyeliner that I used to buy!

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