Friday, October 19, 2012

Simple and Easy Jack-o-lantern Carving

Want to create a jack-o-lantern that is more than two eyes and a mouth?  Well, now you can! It's so simple and easy to do your own pumpin carving.  Here's how:
1)  Find a template (any line drawing will do). Print out and tape onto pumpkin. 
2)  Poke holes with the end of a pin, or use the tools purchased with pumpkin carving set (like at WalMart).  Make sure not to move or lift up the paper from the pumpkin until you are confident the holes are large enough to see, and all parts of the picture are traced.
3)  Decide which portions you will cut away, and which you will leave as pumpkin skin to create your design.  Using your carving tools, (I find they work best, and are safest for kids to handle),  cut around the traced portions.
4)  Remove pumpkin skin and enough of the part underneath so light from a candle or battery-operated light will shine through.

How to keep your pumpkin fresh until Halloween:
1)  Carve your pumpkin as close to Halloween as possible.  Day prior, and day of is best.
2)  If possible, keep your pumpkin wrapped in a plastic bag, and stored in the refrigerator.  You can also store pumpkin in a cooler with ice.  Just make sure to put plastic, and a towel between the ice and pumpkin.
3)  I've tried all the other suggestions of spraying/dunking in a bleach solution to reduce mold growth, but I've found they don't really work well.  And your pumpkin becomes shrivled.

I was going through Ellen's website--checking out the pumpkin carving photos...and saw the one (I had forgotten that I sent) we did last year!
Check it out here...

My eldest created the tokidoki cat, the twins made the Hello Kitty and Julius from Paul Frank.  (And Mom finished the twins pumpkins when they got "tired" of doing it.)

P.S.  I did a double-duty tip for Rachael Ray, which will appear in the show this Monday! :)

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