Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Germs...Is your purse, phone, grocery cart making you sick?

Germs...Is your purse, phone, grocery cart making you sick?
Are you a germaphobe?  I have to admit that I am.  I always have antibacterial wipes and gel on hand--and I use them liberally...everywhere.  I never use the community pen at a store, and I clean my hands immediately after using those magnetic signing pens.   I try not to touch door knobs, elevator buttons, and I never hold the railing on a stair or escalator.

I've read many articles and television segments on the subject of germs--which probably makes me even more of a germaphobe.  But...since many share my love of antibacterial products, I've consolidated some of these tips:

1)  Your purse may carry A LOT of germs both on the inside, and outside.  Never put it on the floor of the bathroom (e coli...ick!), on the restroom sink, back of toilet, or anywhere you prepare food or eat (no counters or tables).  Don't put it on the restaurant floor, and try to hang up your purse when you can.  Make sure to wipe it down with a cleaner and clean both the inside and outside frequently.  Tests have found over 1,000 germs on women's purses!  Oh yeah, also think about where your purse goes--your car seat, desk, table, bed, home floor.  Now I have a set place my purse sits.  And I set it down on something too. 

2)  Okay...this just goes without saying.  Never...ever...put your shopping bags in those same places that you now will never put your purse.  Where does the bottom of your Macy's Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, WalMart bags end up?  Ick!  (P.S.  I never put grocery bags on my counter when I get home either.  See below for thoughts on grocery carts.)

3)  Over 25% of cell phones have e coli bacteria on them.  Ewww!  So think about where you place your phone (restaurant table, sink area, desk, etc.)...and clean your phone often.  You will think of this, (wonder where their phone has been), the next time you borrow someone's phone. 

4)  Grocery carts are one of the WORST and most common places to find germs.  Stores rarely clean them, think about all the meat juices that leak out on them, people actually put their kids in diapers in these dirty carts.  Knowing this, you can imagine the amount of e coli and staph found in these carts.  (Another place your purse should NEVER be placed in.)
   After buying your food, they put them in grocery bags (or your reusable bag--see earlier post about this too)...then you put the bag back in the dirty cart.  It then goes in your trunk, and to your home.  Remember this when you put your grocery bags down.  Think about where it has been.  Ewww! now you may be a bit more neurotic about germs...join my club!  :)

These are just a few of the articles I've reviewed, but there are so many more...

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