Monday, April 30, 2012

Wire wall rack--wish I had this in my closet!

I found this wire wall rack mounted on the wall of the dressing room at Nordstrom.  It's sturdy, and held so many clothes!  I wish I had this in my closet--talk about maximizing space!  Hmmm...maybe I can find something that would work at Home Depot?  Or maybe I could just mount my Williams Sonoma cookie cooling rack?  (Looks and feels like my cookie rack.)  Just kidding...I'm not that desperate.  Not Yet.  :) 


  1. Did you ever find this? I just saw something similar at Marshall's and am on the hunt.

    1. No I haven't...but if you find one, please let me know! Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  3. Check out the "Grid Wall Panel" from The Bin Store. I also saw something similar that I think I could use on Amazon, the Organized Living Grid and hooks. Good luck!